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Can you help us rebuild their fire-ravaged communities?

The ongoing Australian bushfire crisis is heartbreaking.

The relentless flames have destroyed lives, businesses, homes and habitat and threaten the livelihoods of countless Australians including your Naked Wines winemakers and the people that support them.

Will you help us get them on the road to recovery?

The impact of this catastrophe will be felt by these regional communities for many years. So we're starting a massive fundraising drive to help them pick up the pieces.

And we need your help to get there. Please consider making a donation

We're giving a total of $100,000 between our affected winemakers directly, PLUS the funds we raise here — and through our Bushfire Relief cases — will be donated to charities for the long-term rebuild of the communities that have been affected.

You'll be supporting whole communities including those who work so hard to make the wines you love — from the winemakers to the vineyard workers, cellar crews and grape growers in wider regions.

Every dollar makes a difference. Thank you so very much.

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