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Sustainability - this husband and wife team live their lives and make their wines, all in the name of sustainability

    • Both Anna and Derek are super experienced having made wine in Bordeaux and Rhone just to name a couple, before landing in the same place... Mount Benson on the Limestone Coast.
    • Anna and Derek are really passionate about where they live. Their house is situated on top of Woakwine Range overlooking the townships of Robe, Cape Jaffa and Kingston. When vintage isn't so manic, they love listening to chill-out music in the cellar, comparing notes about the surf over the weekend and having a well earned beer at the end of a hard day's work!
    • Their wines are expressive of their region, and serious wines are what they specialise in (full bodied reds made in a cool climate style). Whilst the 'Obelisk' range is exclusive to the Naked Angels some other wines in their stable have already been declared Outstanding by James Halliday... they are definitely a couple to look out for.

Map of the Vineyard

Anna and Derek's story


Both Anna and Derek started winemaking at an early age and were both busy traversing the globe making wine for a number of years before they finally landed in the same place. They fell in love with the stunning coastal scenery around Mt Benson, the wines and each other so sticking around seemed like a good idea!

The Hooper family were pioneers in this great region. It's the climate that is most interesting, its proximity to the very cold stretch of ocean has a significantly moderating effect on the climate protecting the fruit from the impacts of heat waves. Their wines are an expression of the region and their passion is full bodied reds made in a cool climate style - these are serious wines!

In 2013 Anna was named SA Rural Woman of the Year for her commitment to sustainability and the environment both within and outside the business.

Their wines are about purity, and it is their aim to be able to source all of their additional fruit from sustainably managed vineyards.

Naked will allow Anna and Derek to lose their inhibitions and focus on following their hearts, producing wines made with passion and expression. They love the concept of personal interaction with the Angels and looking forward to receiving feedback!

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