Make a Winemaker's Fantasy come true...

Three talented winemakers. $240,000 funding. Who gets it? You decide.

For the fifth year running we are offering three of our most popular winemakers $80,000 each to craft their dream wine. Your votes decide if they get the funding.

How it works

The winemakers pitch to you in a video below.

If you like what you see then vote for them by clicking the big green 'Vote' button.

You can vote once per winemaker (i.e. you can vote for all three if you want!).

If the winemaker receives 1500 votes, they get $80,000 to make their dream wine, exclusively for you.

Check out the videos and cast your votes!

When the wine is ready to be sold, every Angel who voted for it will get first dibs as a thank you for making it happen.

Liz Richardson

Dreams of travelling to Languedoc, France, to blend the best of the beautiful south. She'll craft a delicious lighter style of Red and a unique White blend, both made from traditional and alternative varieties. The red will be soft, juicy and complex and the white will be crisp and fruit driven.

Rob Paulazzo

Wants to craft you the most premium, bottle-fermented Tasmanian sparkling wine from the classic varieties of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Geoff Thompson

Is passionate about creating a blockbuster Shiraz from his favourite iconic South Australian regions: Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale and Langhorne Creek. All the bells and whistles: best oak, open ferment, really letting the fruit shine.

Need a reminder?

Be one of the lucky ones to try the latest Angel-voted fantasy wines! Dream Sunday Pyrenees Ancestral Sparkling Rosé.

Normal price: $34.99

You pay: $24.99

Sorry, this wine is available exclusively to the Angels who helped make it happen. Your name is on the waiting list and you're on your way to joining them. When you get your wings these wines will be unlocked for you.