Make a Winemaker's Fantasy come true...

Three talented winemakers. $240,000 funding. Who gets it? You decide.

For the sixth year running we are offering three of our most popular winemakers $80,000 each to craft their dream wine. Your votes decide if they get the funding.

How it works

Watch the short videos below from our three winemakers, pitching their dream wine.

If you like what you see then vote for them by clicking the big green 'Vote' button.

You can vote once per winemaker (i.e. you can vote for all three if you want!).

If the winemaker receives 1500 votes, they get $80,000 to make their dream wine.

Check out the videos and cast your votes!

When the wine is ready to be sold, every Angel who voted for it will get first dibs as a thank you for making it happen.

Thomas Hordern

Thomas is dreaming of crafting a Californian Shiraz Pinot, a blend that is very close to his heart. Thomas is fascinated by the Shiraz variety, and can’t wait to take Angels along on this educational journey, to master the balancing act of the darker side of Shiraz’s multi-faceted fruit spectrum against Pinot’s delicate red berry flavours. Who wants in on this exciting project?!

Bill & Claudia Small

Bill and Claudia Small recently purchased an established vineyard in Marlborough, New Zealand. The top of the hill is the perfect site for premium Pinot Gris, but, it needs a lot more love and attention to get this variety to its very best. Your votes will enable Bill and Claudia to invest the time and the money to produce a top shelf Marlborough Pinot Gris for you Angels, and it’s from the very same plot of land that produces their top shelf Pinot Noir.

Paul Nelson

Paul would love to knock Angels’ socks off with two super premium Italian wines. He dreams of travelling to Piedmont in north-west Italy to craft an aromatic Barbaresco red, using Nebbiolo, and a white, using Arneis. Both of these wines are rare in Australia and Paul would love nothing more than to bring these two classic varieties to Angels. They’re a perfect match for white truffles, pasta and tiramisu. Molto bene!

Here’s an update on previous Winemaker’s Fantasy wines

Luke Tocaciu

A single malt Tasmanian Whiskey.

Way back in 2016 Luke's fantasy to craft a rich and warm single malt Tasmanian Whiskey, aged in the finest Cabernet barrels won the hearts of Angels across the country. His whiskey is currently doing its thing and will be ready for Angels to enjoy mid-2020.

Rob Paulazzo

A bottle-fermented Tasmanian Sparkling.

In 2017, Angels fell over themselves to vote for Rob to craft the most premium, bottle-fermented Tasmanian sparkling wine from the classic varieties of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Because this is a super-premium vintage sparkling it needs to be in bottle for 3 years, so expect this on the Naked site in 2021. It'll be worth the wait!

Liz Richardson

A Red from the South of France

In 2017, Angels granted Liz's winemaking dream come true - to travel to Languedoc, France, to blend the best of the beautiful south. She'll craft a delicious fruit driven Red made from Carignan, Grenache and Mouvedre varieties. This wine is about respecting biodynamic methodology, showcasing the amazing natural characters from the ancient 100-year-old vines and embodying the terroir of the Corbieres region. This will be ready for Angels to enjoy in September 2019.

Geoff Thompson

A South Australian Shiraz with all the bells and whistles

In 2017, Angels voted for Geoff to create a blockbuster Shiraz from his favourite iconic South Australian regions: Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale and Langhorne Creek. All the bells and whistles: best oak, open ferment, really letting the fruit shine. His fantasy wine is in oak as we speak and will be ready towards the end of 2019.