A crowd-pleasing GSM at a super-friendly price!

Vibrant and fresh, this wine is ripe and ready to be enjoyed right now!

This drop is an intoxicating blend of three grapes from three different vineyards in South Australia’s McLaren Vale. Fruity and floral Grenache dances with spicy Shiraz and embraces gutsy Mourvedre to create a smooth, enjoyable blend. 

The 2021 vintage was especially exceptional - with an intense, ripe and natural flavour reflected in all three varietals. Each grape style was handled in unique fashion - carefully undertaken as they ripened. Matured individually, they developed gracefully before the bright, fruit flavours were seamlessly blended to create this very cruisy drop.

In keeping with its easy going nature, it’s the perfect wine to take to (or serve at) a dinner party. This one is guaranteed to please everyone!