Rebuilding after the bushfires: A triumphant return for Glenn Barry with this Pinot Noir


Joining Naked a few years ago, Winemaker Glenn Barry’s outstanding first few releases were snapped up fast by Angels.

It was no surprise really, as the former Chief Winemaker at Knappstein, and a highly respected wine show judge, Glenn obviously knows exactly what he’s doing.

His Victorian Pinot Noir 2021 is his very first Pinot Noir for Angels - and the wait is more than worth it.

Glenn’s got a simple yet powerful formula when it comes to delivering a cracking Aussie Pinot - creare a “bright, medium bodied wine with great fragrance and drinkability.”

“Australian Pinot is its own thing, so don’t try to make it something it isn’t,” he explains.

What this one is, is exceptionally ‘more-ish”. “Be warned - it’s pretty easy going down!” admits Glenn.

“It’s highly aromatic with red cherries, fruits and a nice little cherry oak lift,” he explains. “The palate is only medium-bodied and more of those bright red fruits follow with a little undergrowth Pinot complexity.”

Glenn adds: “I always try to make wines that are fun to drink with a little bit of interest. I had a note on my office computer for 15 years that simply said, ‘IS IT A GOOD DRINK?’ And that's what I try to do when making wines, make something that is simply delicious.” 

It’s a large TICK for his Pinot Noir.

Sorry, this wine is available exclusively to the Angels who helped make it happen. To find out more about becoming an Angel, click here.