Welcome to your new favourite place to buy wine

Naked Wines is a customer-funded wine business

Our customers, called Angels, fund talented, independent winemakers and get rewarded with delicious wines at wholesale prices in return.

We don't just sell wines - we make them happen

  • We fund talented, independent winemakers, who want to set up their own business, but don't have the cash to do so
  • Our customers, called Angels, invest $40 a month into their Naked Wines account towards future orders
  • Which we invest in grapes, winery space, barrels, bottles and other direct costs
  • In return for exclusive wines at wholesale prices
  • Which we pass back to our customers!
  • That way, our winemakers can focus on what they want to do - making great wines, rather than selling. And our customers get rewarded with delicious wines - which they've helped to create - at preferential prices. Neat huh?

How Angel investment makes the wines taste better…

By commiting early and financing the same growers year after year, Angel money allows the growers to focus on quality rather than volume.

Because our growers know that their fruit has been sold upfront, they can harvest at optimal ripeness.

We squeeze less juice from the grape so that we get all the fruit and less of the bitter dregs that make cheap wines taste cheap.

We can give nature the time she needs to turn the grape juice into delicious wines, rather than hurry the process with artifical enzymes.

Because we buy barrels, bottles, corks, and labels for hundreds of thousands of cases we get economies of scale that small winemakers don't.

Because we deliver directly to you, you don't pay for middlemen.

Turns out it's better business for everyone…

Our winemakers get to sell all of their wines, and make a living. We make the same margins as everyone else, and have a lot of fun along the way.

And as a wine drinker, for the $40 a month you probably would have spent on wine anyway, you get wholesale prices.

You can be sure that all our wines have been lovingly made by a talented winemaker and stripped of all the costs that add nothing to the flavour or quality of the juice in the bottle.

Our customers have changed the lives of 20 winemakers across Australia and NZ

Sam Plunkett, Down and (almost) out, Sam's family winery was bought out and the wine industry nearly lost an incredible talent

Daryl Groom, once head Red Winemaker for Penfolds he made GRANGE (!) before putting his own name on the label just for Angels.

Rod Easthope, left his job at an iconic New Zealand winery to become his own boss and make wine exclusively for Angels

And many more - meet our winemakers here

And got some pretty good press too

"Naked Wines bypasses middlemen and shares the savings with customers…"
"Naked Wines has revolutionised how wine is sold, seeking out talented winemakers to make direct connections between customers and producers."
"The days of the wine snob - so brilliantly caricatured by Richard E Grant's the Hon Simon Marchmont in the BBC's Posh Nosh - could be coming to an end."
"Everyone wins and no one gets trampled on along the way…"
"Naked Wines is helping democratize winemaking by investing in talented, independent winemakers…"

But the feedback that matters most is from normal wine drinkers like you

"I love your site. I love what you do, how you present it, and that I get really good wine for great value. I love that there is a simple way for me to track my tastes and educate myself about wine while supporting both your business and the wine growers - it seems to be a win win win." Marc Ingram, Angel
"Drinking good wine is enough pleasure in itself, but having a sense of relationship with the winemakers, that is beyond the purely commercial, adds something else to the experience." Peter Batty, Angel
"I rarely buy wine from supermarkets now unless an emergency arises, mainly because I can't be sure that I'm not buying a mass produced product from a faceless producer." Karl Savage, Angel

Oh and in case you're wondering…

At Naked Wines you get all the things you should expect from an online retailer (but don't always get)…

  • We never send you wine you've not ordered i.e. the $40 you invest into your account each month is yours to spend when you want
  • Your money back if you're not totally satisfied with the wines, the money of anything else
  • Sydney based call centre ready to help and make you smile
  • FREE next day delivery to Sydney and Melbourne metro (and pretty cheap to the rest of the country too!)
  • Your card details safe with our 100% secure checkout, so you can shop with confidence

Join the Angel waiting list today and change a winemaker's life while getting great wines at affordable prices.

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PS. We'll pop three free bottles in your basket when you join the list. All you need to do to claim them is checkout with 9 other bottles!